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The CVP-500 Automated Packaging Solution is an in-line autopacker. Made by Neopost this fit-to-size packaging automation will size, construct, tape, weigh and label each custom order, creating the perfect package and eliminating the need for void fill materials. Companies worldwide benefit from a seamless packing process saving labour costs while reducing box volume and corrugate consumption.

Fit-to-size auto-boxing technology

Labour saving CVP-500

Labour saving

The CVP-500 by Neopost is an in-line autopacker and can on average replaces up to 15 manual packaging stations at a time thus reducing labour costs.

Volume reduction

Volume reduction

The CVP-500 reduces box volume up to 50% by creating the smallest parcel needed at the lowest expense, to result in the lowest possible shipping costs.

Less packing material

Less packing material

A right sized box saves up to 20% on cardboard and eliminates the need for void fill – an environmentally friendly solution that provides significant cost savings.



This in-line autopacker by Neopost packages multi-line items fast. Just as fast as single-line items which means no decrease in packing speed.

Customer satisfaction

Sustainable packaging

No void fill, less volume and as little cardboard as possible answers to the growing demand for sustainable packaging and shipping.

Diverse product mix

The CVP-500 is designed to handle a broad range of products in one seamless flow: from small headphone-set up to a vacuum cleaner. The box size range is endless.

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Less packing material with the CVP-500

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What clients say about the CVP-500

CVP-500 Mason Companies

Mason Companies | United States | B2C

CVP-500 Blokker

Blokker | Netherlands | B2C

CVP-500 Lasaulec

Lasaulec | Netherlands | B2B

These companies trust us

These companies trust us

Reduce labour costs, increase efficiency and manage peak volumes. Are these just some of the challenges you are facing with your current packing process? There’s a fit-to-size automated packing solution on the market and efulfillment companies are using it to replace 10-15 manual packing stations at a time.