The CVP-500 is a unique
fit-to-size packing system

The CVP-500
is a unique
packing system

CVP-500 Auto-Boxing Features

1. Cardboard Feeder

700 meters of continuous feed corrugated from one pallet is enough for 600 custom fit parcels. Box branding available.

2. Order Placement

One operator places single or multi-item order on the CVP to be packaged every seven seconds. Ability to produce packages every 7 seconds.

3. 3D Item Scanner

The 3D scanner captures an image of each order to determine the minimum box size required.

4. Robotic Arm

An invoice or return label can be printed for every order and the pick-and-place robot will place it in the box.

5. Fit-to-Size Box Creation

Every item is packaged in a custom fit-to-size box reducing packaging volume up to 50% and eliminates the need for void fill.

6. Camera system

A camera system is installed to monitor the packing process and to provide technical assistance in case of a machine error.

7. Tape Unit

Every box is securely taped on 2 sides, making it easy to open, recycle or re-purpose for returns, improving the customer experience.

8. Weiging scale

In-line scale captures and verifies order weight and measurements used for rate shopping software and quality assurance.

9. Print and Apply Label

The CVP integrates seamlessly with automated rate shopping shipping software and will print carrier-compliant labels that are applied to each box.


As a valued partner, our support team makes a personal commitment to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. Neopost has many assistance options that can be customized to your needs, including remote support, daily reporting, on-site services, parts support, product training, and software maintenance. Neoposts’ number one priority is to ensure our customers meet or exceed their production and service levels by providing direct customer support.

Our customers are pleased with the CVP’s uptime, service attributes such as our remote camera recording system for remote troubleshooting, and have provided the productivity gains which our customers expected. Contact us to get started.

CVP-500 Reliability


Labour saving CVP-500

Labour saving

The CVP-500 is an in-line autopacker and can on average replaces as many as 10-15 manual packaging stations at a time thus reducing labour costs.

Volume reduction

Volume reduction

The CVP-500 reduces box volume up to 50% by creating the smallest parcel needed at the lowest expense, to result in the lowest possible shipping costs.

Less packing material

Less packing material

A fit-to-size box saves up to 20% on cardboard and eliminates the need for void fill – an environmentally friendly solution that provides significant cost savings.



This in-line autopacker by Neopost packages multiple-line items fast. Just as fast as single-line items which means no decrease in packing speed.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

No void fill and as little cardboard as possible means less material being transported, satisfying the growing demand for sustainable packaging and shipping.

Diverse product mix

The CVP-500 is designed to handle a broad range of products in one seamless flow: from small headphone set up to a vacuum cleaner. The box size range is endless.

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What clients say about the CVP-500 by Neopost

CVP-500 Mason Companies

Mason Companies | United States | B2C

CVP-500 Blokker

Blokker | Netherlands | B2C

CVP-500 Lasaulec

Lasaulec | Netherlands | B2B

We are proud to say that CVP-500 has been honored with prestigious global awards

We are proud to say that CVP-500 has been honored with prestigious global awards

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